About Me

I’ve been working as a professional photographer in Toronto for over a decade. I’ve had the privilege to share some very intimate moments with incredible clients over the years and many have become friends. 

Named as one of the best wedding photographers in Toronto by Toronto Life Magazine, I am dedicated to providing my clients with the most personal and attentive service by booking only up to 20 weddings each season.

In 2011, I relocated to beautiful Prince Edward County, where I now call home.
There are many fantastic locations and venues in Toronto that I’m familiar with and I continue to work in the city on a regular basis. But since moving to the County, I’ve been inviting clients to my home to take advantage of the world class scenery for their photo sessions.

How I work and what I wear

I enjoy working alone and photograph most weddings solo. All the weddings you see on my website were photographed by me without a 2nd photographer.

My approach to wedding photography is keeping things simple, natural and fun. I love shooting with natural light and rarely use a flash. The best way to describe my style would be candid, unobtrusive and refreshing. 

I like dressing up when I go to a wedding. It is not unusual to find me wearing a bow tie, suspenders and wingtips when I show up at your wedding. 

For the photographers out there

I use prime lenses 95% of the time. When I can't get close, then I'll use the 70-200mm, usually during the ceremony. 

24mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4 & 85mm f1.4 are my favourite lenses. I am currently using two Nikon D4 cameras. I also started bringing a Mamiya Universal loaded with Black & White Polaroid films.

Using Format